Since 2009, Earlysun started the study of LED packaging materials, and the successful launch of a series of silicone in 2011, to meet all the technical requirements of high-power LED packaging. In the future, Earlysun will become a materials research and innovation company, including electronic assembly materials, semiconductor packaging materials, LED packaging and assembly materials, solar cell assembly and encapsulation slurry. And then will be OLED and organic thin film solar materials research, late development will be positioned in the study of the biological function of materials.

Shenzhen Earlysun Technology Co.,Ltd.

Earlysun is a prime material supplier to the global electronics and semi-conductor industry. Earlysun is an innovative material technology and product development company, committed to cost-effective and environmentally friendly solder paste packaging materials, colloidal adhesive packaging materials, functional slurry packaging materials, fine chemical materials development and production. We've learned a lot about Solder/Fluxes and the processes in which they are used.