ES-1000 is a tin alloy die attach solder paste designed and formulated specifically for die attach processes. Considerable care has been taken to produce a product that gives reliable dispensing of a consistent size deposit in automated dispensing equipment. It is mainly used for bonding of high-power LED chip and cooling fin. As the continuous improvement of output power of LED chip, its packaging thermal problems become more and more important, directly impact on the life of high-power chip. It's good heat dissipation, and the new low-stress package structure is the technology key of the power-based LED devices.

ES-1000 is designed for series alloy can replace the conductive silver adhesive to solve the package thermal problems of high power LED, increase the lifetime of high-power LED and the stability of output. Solder bonding is intermetallic welding, its thermal conductivity is several times than the electrically conductive adhesive and thermally conductive adhesive. Thus, in the field of LED wafer packaging, the ultra-fine solder paste can replace the existing packaging materials as electrically conductive adhesive, not only can improve the cooling effects of LED lights, enhance the strength of the chip bonding, improve stability of the output, but also significantly reduce the packaging costs.


• Vacuum packed, bubble-free A high thermal conductivity & electrical conductivity.

• Ultra-low voiding with minimal profiling

• Bond strength is much greater than the silver adhesive, long working hours.

• Good thixotropic, have suitable viscosity, good dispersion.

• Eutectic reflow oven curing or heating curing.

• Reliable miss-free, clog-free dispensing

• Consistent dispensing deposit level

• Superior wetting

• Compatible with all common metal finishes


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