ES-F930 Eutectic package flux is use for high-performance, high-melting point solder alloys, such as Sn /Pb, Au/Sn, Sn/Ag interface welding. The flux is halogen-free, residue without cleaning, high stability, greatly reducing the thermal resistance between the chip and the bracket, to improve its thermal conductivity. The operation can use spraying, or dispensing. ES-F930 has variety of quality water-wash/water-soluble fluxes and solder pastes, but has revolutionized the category with release of a versatile new solder paste. ES-F930 Paste allows current water wash manufacturing processes to not only survive, but thrive, it delivers reduced voiding, exceptional printing and >8-hour stencil life in controlled environments. It also maintains it tack over time. ES-F930 is suitable for SnPb eutectic alloys as well as Pb-free alloys. It excels in a variety of applications and has proven successful in the automotive industry.


• Can be dissolved in water.

• Halogen-free, and have non-corrosive for pad metallization surface.

• Can be applied to the stencil/screen printing, pin transfer method, spraying or dispensing.

• Eutectic reflow oven curing or heating curing.

• Reliable miss-free, clog-free dispensingConsistent dispensing deposit level

• Superior wetting, Exceptional printing

• Long stencil life, Good response-to-pause

• Wide reflow profile window, Outstanding slump resistance

• Excellent wetting capability, Superior fine pitch soldering ability. Low voiding, Halogen-free


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