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ES-9515B is a one component epoxy encapsulant designed for use as a repairable underfill resin for CSP or BGA. It provides a uniform and void free underfill layer, which gives excellent protection of PCB from soldering failure due to impact and thermal cycling. It cures rapidly on exposure to heat. The low viscosity allows filling in gap under CSP or BGA. Its high flexibility provides enhanced repairability. it has low contained halogen.


• Heating up the both top and bottom area of package for about 1 min at 200-300°C that the solder can be molten, remove cured resin at the package edge and take out package.

• perform air suction to remove the melted solder residue on PCB substrate.

• transfer the PCB on hot plate of 80~120°C and get rid of cured resin residue with scraper.

• in case of need, clean the area to be repaired again with the kind of alcohol.


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